Letter to Providers

Dear provider,

We are excited to announce we have changed our name to MotivHealth Insurance Company.

As of May 7, 2019, we have changed our legal business name from HSA Health Insurance Company to MotivHealth Insurance Company. For business reasons we will be known as MotivHealth. Please note that this is only a legal name change, and it will not affect any other services or products. All current telephone, fax, member, and group numbers will remain the same.

Our Electronic Payer ID will remain the same: #U7632.

As a reminder, all providers are encouraged to submit claims electronically to ensure accuracy and prompt payment.

Our members will be receiving new MotivHealth member ID cards. Keep in mind their group and member ID numbers stay the same. Ask the member for their new ID card so you can update your system with our new name.

As a reminder, we do have a Provider Portal for claims status. The URL is provider.motivhealth.com.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 844-234-4472.

​Copyright © 2019 MotivHealth Insurance Company. All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy

​Copyright © 2019 MotivHealth Insurance Company.
All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy

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