Your HSA Debit Card

Your health savings account (HSA) with MotivHealth will include an HSA Debit Card that will allow you to use your HSA for any qualified medical expense.

Receiving a Card

You will receive your HSA Debit card in the mail once your health savings account (HSA) has been established. If you do not receive your card upon establishment, need to replace your card, or if you have any questions regarding your card, please call: (844) 234-4472.

Using Your Card

Before using your HSA Debit Card, you will need to activate it. Upon activating your card, you may chose to establish a PIN, however it is preferred that you run you HSA Debit Card as a credit transaction.

Lost Card / Deactivation

If you have lost your HSA Debit Card, or if you need to deactivate your current card, please call: (844) 234-4472.

Reviewing Card Transactions

If you want to access your HSA Debit Card history, you can view all transactions in your member portal.

Declined Card

If your HSA Debit Card declines, it may be for one of the following reasons:

  • Ineligable merchant or provider
  • Card used at an ATM or with cash back selected
  • Expense was larger than current account balance
  • Expense larger than daily spending limit
  • Card not activate or expired
  • Card frozen due to fraud or inactivity

To learn more about reasons for a declined card, please call: (844) 234-4472.

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​Copyright © 2019 MotivHealth Insurance Company.
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