How It Works

The MotivAdvance Program offers a consumer loan which MotivHealth issues to cover a SmartPay eligible procedure. You must apply and agree to let MotivHealth deduct funds from your HSA monthly over a period of 12 months to pay back the loan. The loan has a 0% interest rate and a 3% origination fee.

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Who’s Eligible?

No credit check is required to use the MotivAdvance Program. When wanting to use the program on an eligible SmartPay procedure, you will simply apply and sign the loan documents. Once approved, MotivHealth will pay for the procedure, you will get the SmartPay discounted rate on your procedure, and MotivHealth will begin deducting HSA funds monthly over a 12 month period.

Steps Program Basics

Why Participate: So, you and your covered spouse can earn $1 for each day you walk 8,000 or more steps up to 20 days a month. All incentives earned this way are deposited into your HSA.

How to Participate: Create your MotivHealth member account. Sync an eligible device (Garmin, Fitbit, or Apple) and walk your way to $1 a day.

Who’s Eligible: You, the policy holder and a covered spouse.

Rx Program Basics

Why Participate: Spending $200 or more on prescriptions each month? We can help you eliminate or significantly lower your out-of-pocket costs.

How to Participate: Simply call one of our Prescription Benefit Analysts:
(385) 247-1030

Who’s Eligible: You, the policyholder and your covered dependents.

Prompt Pay Program Basics

Why Participate: Save between $250-$3,000 on out-of-pocket costs on planned medical procedures.

How to Participate: Simply call us before your scheduling your procedure, and we'll help you find a participating Prompt Pay facility / provider.

Who's Eligible: You, the policyholder and your covered dependents.

Price Transparency Tool Basics

Why Participate: Lower your out-of-pocket costs by empowering yourself to take charge of your healthcare.

How to Participate: Our Price Transparency Tool is accessed via your member portal. Simply create your account and click "Find Care."

Who's Eligible: You, the policyholder and your covered dependents with member accounts can access this tool.

Questions? Contact Us.