Although valuable, health insurance coverage has become so costly that it consumes the average working American’s income. A new report by The Commonwealth Fund shows health insurance premiums and deductibles have been rising faster than median incomes across all states. 

What does this mean? As coverage becomes increasingly unaffordable, many workers and families are at risk of being underinsured and are less likely to seek necessary care in an effort to lower out-of-pocket costs.

MotivHealth lets you take charge of your healthcare costs. How? Well, we expose healthcare prices and we focus on offering HSA-based plans along with unique member programs that let you save on healthcare costs now while building health savings for the future. 

One of the biggest factors we’ve found in rising healthcare costs is the lack of price transparency within the market. People simply don’t know what their healthcare costs are going to be and therefore can’t make cost-effective decisions. 

MotivHealth works to expose healthcare prices so that members can both prepare for their medical expenses and find the best care at the best price. Finding lower-cost options of care allows members to save thousands on out-of-pocket costs.  (Read more on price transparency.)

Not only that, but through an HSA-based plan, MotivHealth members are rewarded for making smart healthcare decisions. Here’s how:

An HSA plan is a high deductible health plan (HDHP) paired with an HSA, a personal health savings account that can be used to pay for all qualified medical expenses. With this type of health plan, members pay lower monthly premiums and can use their HSA funds to pay for current and future medical costs. (Read more on the advantages of an HSA-based plan.)

Along with an HSA plan, our member programs offer valuable saving opportunities and ways to earn additional HSA dollars. For example, through our Steps Program, members can earn up to $250 per year just by walking! On top of that, members can save thousands on medical procedures by utilizing our Prompt Pay Program. (Read more on MotivHealth Member Programs.)

Bottom line, you don’t have to drown in healthcare costs every year. At MotivHealth, we’re your advocate. We help you save for both now and the future, and we keep your hard-earned money in your pockets (where it should be). 

Learn more about how MotivHealth can help you. Call us at: 844-234-4472

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