Great question! And unfortunately, too many people don’t ask it, assuming that the cost of having a baby is about the same wherever you go.

In fact, the price for having a baby in Utah can vary by $9,000. So finding the right place to deliver is smart! Taking a few minutes (seriously, it takes five minutes) to compare prices can save you a ton of money.

There were 50,486 resident births with a birth rate of 16.6 per thousand population in 2016 according the 2016 Utah Vital Statistics report. According to UtahHealthScape, these are the average costs for delivery:

  • Vaginal Birth (with epidural): $11,626
  • Vaginal Birth (without epidural): $10,611
  • Cesarean Birth (with epidural): $15,193

That is lower than other places in the nation, so… awesome, right? We think that these costs are actually pretty high. There are many excellent providers and facilities that cost thousands less than these averages.

Remember, prices vary for the same medical procedures, dramatically so in many cases. In fact, a quick search on the MotivHealth Price Transparency Tool shows that for the Salt Lake area, the price range for a vaginal delivery with an epidural is $6,403 to $13,807.

But it can be very difficult to know what you will pay for labor and delivery beforehand. How can you know where to go to get the best care at the best price?


What MotivHealth members save, on average, when they use Prompt Pay for baby delivery.

MotivHealth members can know where to go.

MotivHealth members have access to a price transparency tool so they can know if they are paying a fair price, not just for delivery costs, but for a variety planned medical procedures.


  1. Go to If you haven’t created an account yet, please do so.
  2. Click on “Find a Provider.”
  3. You can search by doctor, procedure, or facility. If you’re wondering how to get the best price for a baby delivery, simple click on the arrow by “Procedure Search,” select the type of procedure you’re wanting/needing (vaginal, vaginal with epidural, c-section), select the pregnant member, enter your location, and click “search.”

Below is the screen you’ll see, and a guide to using the information displayed there. Two of the most important piece of information are:

  • The Price Range and Estimated Out of Pocket Cost
    This will tell you what you can expect to pay. It can also help you know if you’re making affordable choices.
  • Prompt Pay Options
    When members call us prior to planned medical procedures (like having a baby), choose select providers and facilities, and work with us to pay in advance, MotivHealth offers a Prompt Pay discount of $750. That means in addition to finding the best price for a baby delivery, you get an additional savings of $750. We always want to reward our members for making smart decisions.
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